I use a variety of tools and modalities in my treatment approach.  While I am trained well in theory, scientific research consistently proves that positive therapy outcome resides in the sturdiness and resiliency of the therapeutic alliance.  As we delve into your story, together we will create strategies using at times Analytic Theory, Somatic work (meaning our symptoms show up bottom up (body first), Family of Origin, Attachment Theory modalities, and Object Relations to first increase your awareness of themes/patterns.  When we become aware, we then possess the ability to change negatively routed patterns which increases your overall well-being, and sense of agency in the world.  You come back alive or perhaps alive for the first time.  Much of our ways of existing were formed early, within the family system in which we were raised.  We will look at how that system may be currently impacting you, while noticing patterns/themes, and overall how it feels to be you in the world.

My approach is deeply relational, psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, existential, and based in attachment and family systems theory. Social justice informs all aspects of my work. I am not in this work for mere symptom reduction - there is so much more healing offered than simply managing symptoms.  Together we can get to the root that both eases symptomology and provides a deeper understanding of how it feels to exist as your unique self.  I prize radical self-care and compassion toward oneself, so slowly we will work to learn how to give yourself more room to be exactly you, and to find increased freedom in your skin.

"Healing comes in waves

and maybe today

the wave hits the rocks

and that's ok,

that's ok darling

you are still healing

you are still healing."

- Ijeoma Umebinyuo